Am I really related to Kim Kardashian?  

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Well, not really. But my wife is. Sort of. Let me explain.

I've written several times about getting my whole family on and how I have discovered many distant lost cousins and branches of our family through this online family tree. As part of my blog subscriptions I also check out their RSS feed from time to time. Lately, it has been reduced to downtime announcements and even worse - the dreaded "profile of the day." So I usually skip those.

But today the profiles are of the infamous Kardashian sisters: Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Sometimes when I see a name I recognize I'll click the link, go to the profile and then click the "How are you related" button. So I know I am not related to William Shakespeare, for example.

But I am related to the Kardashian sisters. Well, my wife is. Sort of. And if you can figure out what the connection is, well, good for you. This is how it says I am related to Kim Kardashian:

Kimberly Kardashian is your wife's fourth cousin once removed's ex-wife's second cousin once removed's ex-husband's brother's ex-wife's father's ex-wife's ex-husband's wife's daughter.

Good luck with that one, right? There is actually a link that says "We found the path you requested to Kimberly Kardashian. Click here to view the path." But alas, it is only for Pro accounts and right now, I am not going to fork over the moola to find out that path. I even tried to use my own Rootmagic genealogy database, but quickly realized that no amount of roots magic will solve this genea-problem since I have to go through too many generations and 5 exes.

What was even funnier is that the profile says that it was added by Nicolas Cage. Could that be? Does Nick Cage actually have a Geni account where he adds famous people? I doubt it. But I clicked on it anyway and found out my wife is related to him as well:

Nicolas Cage is your wife's fourth cousin once removed's ex-wife's second cousin once removed's ex-husband's brother's ex-wife's ex-husband.

And guess what? Nick Cage was added by Francis Ford Coppola, who started this whole family tree and to whom we're also related. I'll spare you the path this time. He's Nick's Uncle.

So, what famous people are you related to? Leave me your answers in the comment.

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I just passed the Kreativ Blogger award to you!

December 6, 2009 at 10:31 PM

Each time I visit your site I find very much innovative thing. I also have read the profiles of Kardashian sisters and I find no clue why they have asserted such a thing. Thanks a lot for providing us such information and I surely will dig up the specific site again with your kind hint.

December 17, 2009 at 2:32 AM

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