Something for Saturday  

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My parents were in Argentina for a group trip earlier this month and this is the best photo from the batch my mom sent:

Doesn't that look amazing? It's almost looks computer generated.

Ahnentafel #21  

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I've been extremely busy these last few weeks but I decided to try out Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun challenge to find out who's number 21 in my Ahnentafel Report and came up with Hanna Minka (Unknown) Smorgonski.

I know absolutely nothing about her other than the fact that she was my 2nd great-grandmother and she was married to Shlomo Smorgonski. I only know this from a Page of Testimony I found on the Yad-Vashem website that was filled out by my grand-uncle Shlomo Shamgar about his father (she is listed as his mother). I'm not even sure where I got her middle name from and have no idea what her surname was. I doubt if I will ever find out much more about her.

I have been reading the book "The Lost" and have been thinking about my Jewish-Polish ancestry a lot lately. I think I will put up a series of posts about what I know and how much is missing. But just to give you a taste, when my parents where here for a short visit at the begining of the month I realized that my father had never known his grandparents. They were all long gone by the time he was born. His parents rarely spoke about them. On my mother's side she had only known her mother's parents. And had only seen them about 2-3 times in her entire life.

75% of my great-grandparents perished in the holocaust. Nobody in my family knows anything about them because their children barely said anything about what happened before or during these terrible times.