RootsMagic Book & My 4 Step Program  

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I got my RootsMagic 4 Book in the mail about a week ago (you can still get it for $10). It is a very easy read especially if you already know what you're doing in RM4. Unfortunately, I am coming to the realization that I need to clean up my database. This will consist of a few steps:

1. Properly cite my sources. Rather than start merging and changing existing sources I am going to do it all over. Mainly because I want to use the handy multi-person source options. But also because many of my sources are either missing or not formatted correctly. I also want to classify these sources properly. This will be extremely time consuming but it must be done and I believe it will help me become much stronger when it comes to proof standards.

2. Organize my media files. I have a system, but I don't think it is a good one. I have saved a few posted with great recommendations and will start migrating my files to a new structure as I rebuild my database.

3. Focus on direct ancestors. My database was created from merging several trees and so I have people in it that are extremely distant relatives. I don't think they will make the cut in my new database as I will focus mainly on direct ancestors and their families.

4. Organize peripheral information. By this I mean I need to catalog and store documents, pictures and other memorabilia. I also want to properly archive correspondence that contains information I need to enter in the database and have been putting off for a while.

How does this sound? Any suggestions?

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