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JewishGen is the premier online resource for Jewish Genealogy and probably should be the first destination for any researcher with Jewish roots. The site is completely free and hosts hundreds and thousands of smaller sites dedicated to special interest groups (SIGs), Jewish community sites (shtetls), expansive databases and search engines, online courses, discussion forums and much, much more.

Recently through a partnership with all their data was moved to the data center and integrated with the search engines. This has made searching a lot faster and easier. I still like using the interface as it seems to show more details and maybe I am just used to it.

Anyway, the site, being a non-profit organization, survives on charitable donations. Any amount is welcome but gifts of $100 or more will grant you access to enhanced database search capabilities, enrollment in our online genealogy course and other extra features. Tax deductible in the US.

I made my $100 contribution today and you should too. Click this link and either donate to the general fund or a specific project.

I am looking forward to seeing some more targeted query results. I am sure I will uncover things I missed before. I will post my findings here, of course.

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