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One of the many reasons I started this blog was to get some of the family names out into cyberspace and see who might find their way here. I just got a comment on one of my previous posts from my third cousin once removed who lives in Argentina. He was doing some Google searches on his surname and found the post where I had mapped out the area where our ancestors were from in Poland. He remembers his grandfather was from Ostrow Mazoweicka.

Before I started on this journey I had no idea that I had any relatives in that part of the world but after doing some research on Geni.com we have managed to connect many cousins and create a very big family tree.

So Ernesto Kreplak, if you read this post, please send me an e-mail to adekel (at) bellsouth (dot) net. I will invite you to join the Geni tree and connect to everyone who's on there already.


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